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CDC Supports Limbe FESTAC

The 5th edition of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture, dubbed Limbe FESTAC took place from April 7-14, 2018 with the Cameroon Development Corporation being one of its sponsors.

Celebrated under the theme ‘’ Let’s celebrate friendship, let’s celebrate our living together’’, organized by the Limbe City Council, partly sponsored by the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), and under the distinguished patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture, the one week event that held at the Limbe Community Field was a total display of Cameroon’s rich culture .The event started on Saturday April 7, 2018 with a sports walk and  a colorful carnival parade from different communities in Limbe including the CDC team. This was followed by the official Opening Ceremony by the Minister of Arts and Culture Professor Narcisse Moulle Kombi .Inside the field, were stands owned by some public institutions and cultural associations portraying Cameroon’s cultural diversity and economic potentials. Prominent amongst them was the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC. The Minister and his entourage made up of top dignitaries of the South West Region such as the Vice President of the National Assembly, Chair of the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association International, Hon. Monjoa Lifaka, the Governor of the South West Region Bernard Okalia Bilai, the Government Delegate of Limbe City Council Andrew Motanga Mojimba, the General Manager of SONARA Ibrahim Talba Malla, and the GM’s representative of the CDC, visited the corporations stand in the presence of CDC workers. They all expressed satisfaction and admired the beauty of the stand as they were briefed on the CDC’s main crops; Rubber, Oil Palms and Banana. In return, the CDC team offered its visitors a taste of the ripe Makossa Banana. This gave the opportunity for those who had never had a taste of it to savour. ’’

Looks fresh and taste good, oh my CDC I am always very proud of you’’, said the Mayor of Limbe I Council Ro-Danny Mbua.  Items exhibited on other stands ranged from traditional dresses to locally made jewelries and artifacts from various regions in Cameroon. On Wednesday, 11  April, there was a boat cruise from the Tiko wharf to Douala across the Atlantic Ocean with CDC workers and other dignitaries to thrill the audience on board was ,Moni Bille the popular Cameroon musician and the Bamboo live band. All through the Limbe FESTAC period, different ethnic groups of Cameroon were showcased their culture and tradition to the population. Daily activities were rounded off with artistic performances by famous artists such as Ben Decca, Petit Pays and Mr. Leo.

During the closing ceremony, some dignitaries received medals for their outstanding contributions to the success of the event.  As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, CDC has always supported the Limbe FESTAC from its inception.

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