5:14 pm - Thursday December 13, 2018

Promotion of Human Rights Across CDC

A four day sensitization seminar on Human Rights has been organized by the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and the United Nations Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa (UNCHRD) from July 10-13, 2017 at the Senior Staff (SS) Club in Tiko and Illoani.

The training was aimed at raising the awareness of CDC workers, especially Staff representatives and Supervisors on the basic principles of Human rights and how to integrate them in operational work policies and processes as well as examining the legal framework for the protection of human rights in the Corporation.

During the opening ceremony in Tiko, the Director of Human Resources, Mr Henry Ikome Becke appreciated the collaboration between the United Nations and the Cameroon Development Corporation. He urged workers to take the training seriously in order to build their capacities. The training was led by the Technical Adviser to the General Manager on Legal /Administrative Affairs, Mr Otto Lyonga while the Human Resources Officer for Rubber, Mr Nakeli Obase was in charge of the Illoani zone. Both sessions were supervised by the representative of the UNCHRD, Mr Kiven Franklin. Meantime, discussions centered on rights and duties of CDC workers, the importance of Corporate Social Responsibilities in business amongst others.

At the end of the four day training in Tiko and Illoani, there was an evaluation meeting at the CDC Board Room in Bota-Limbe in the presence of the General Manager, Mr Franklin Ngoni Njie, The Director of Human Resources, United Nations Officials and journalists to discuss on the way forward. It was recommended that the CDC should put in place mechanisms for the respect of Human rights to be sustainable. It was also mentioned that necessary arrangements be made for the other two teams of trainers to train the CDC workers as soon as possible in order not to run out of steam. Mr Kiven lauded the trainers in Tiko and Illoani and said their performances were beyond expectation. He congratulated the General Manager of the CDC for accepting that his workers are trained on business and human rights, a thing which other companies refuse in very strong terms.


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