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CDC Sports and Leisure

In its effort to maintain a healthy work force and to revitalize its worker through sports, CDC has put in place a Sports and Leisure structure within the corporation to effectively implement these activities and constructively achieve the goals of its intentions. The mission of the Sports and Leisure Association are as follows:

  1.  To establish and maintain a healthy, active and productive CDC community by promoting sound and popular sporting activities and recreational campaigns.
  2.  To institute a spirit of competitiveness with the CDC sports scenario in order to improve in the sporting talents within the corporation.

In order to effectively achieve its purpose and reach out effectively to all workers, the structure of the association is carved out into eight administrative zones covering the entire corporation, coordinated by zonal sporting representatives. The association is centrally overseen by a SLA President and two other executive members.

Charles-SLA                                 Mukonje-Bota

Charles Ndang – President SLA                                             Bota vs Mukonje Inter Zonal Football Match


Among the activities promoted by SLA to achieve its purpose, the association has encouraged individual sports and also intra-corporate matches between associate estates and services. Periodically official inter-zonal competitions are organized that usually culminates to a grand CDC Olympics finals.

As concerns external ventures, the association also organizes related facets of the sporting structure in the corporation to participate in extra-company activities such as:

  • Inter-Service Competitions, which are usually an annual event that zonal teams participate in competitions organized by the respective local administration with the view of scheduling the finals to commemorate the National Day.


CDC Bota Football Team – Champions of the 2015 Limbe Inter-Service competition

  • Tournoi Banane, which is also an annual tournament involving all the Banana dealing companies in Cameroon including PHP
  • President’s Putter, an annual Golf tournament organized by CDC, the proprietor of the Limbola Golf Club, every May or June to mark the end of the Golf season.
  • Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, where our famous Makossa Banana Athletic Club athletes normally take part. In the recent events, the CDC relay team was first in the 2014 and 2nd in the 2015 editions respectively.
  • Other operational sports alliances within the corporation like veteran football clubs also organize self-sponsored and subsidized friendly matches with similar alliances of other companies, which also go a long way to promote corporate interrelationships.

Tb01  TournoiBanane02  TournoiBanane03

Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Tournoi Banane at the CDC Bota Middlefarms Field