5:16 pm - Thursday May 22, 6730

Attack On Four CDC Night-Watchmen At The Bota Palms Nursery

The General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), Franklin Ngoni Njie, has condemned assaults meted on some workers of the Bota Palms Estate by unidentified armed men.

Four night-watchmen of the Nursery Section were attacked by armed men in the wee hours of February 26th, 2019. The sad incident took place at about 1:00a.m in the Office of the Bota Palms Nursery while thewatchmen were keeping guard during their shift of work.

One of them was punctured on the leg and has been referred to the CDC Cottage Hospital in Tiko while the others who were severely beaten are presently receiving treatment at the CDC Bota Clinic.

A team from the Communication and Public Relations Service paid a courtesy visit to the victims to sympathize with them and also to find out what transpired.  The workers narrated their ordeal and revealed that after serious intimidation, the armed men forcefully confiscated their mobile phones and two motorbikes as well as some other personal effects.Meanwhile they were further reproached for showing up for work despite warnings.

At the time of the incident, the said workerswere taking shelter at the Bota Nursery Office where they were shading from the heavy rains.

It should be noted that this is not the first time CDC workers are being reproached for showing up for work and suffer brutality in the hands of armed men.

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