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CDC Participates in the Investors’ Forum

CDC participated in the Investors’ Forum organized by a consultancy “Mon Communicateur” under the auspices of Patrice Assiga Eyene, which took place in Yaounde from the 20th to the 24th November, 2013.


The Forum was an arena for exchanges, partnerships, exhibitions and meetings. This was in line with CDC’s objectives that were:


–          To use the forum platform as an opportunity to have Business to Business (B2B) contacts with investors.

–          Attend the various conferences that were organized alongside the exhibitions and gather information for further action.

–          Presentation of CDC products.


This investors’ forum which brought together participants from various Ministries, Businessmen, Small and Medium size enterprises was aimed at sensitizing Cameroonians on how to invest and create jobs for themselves. During this forum, conferences were held and some salient issues on how to meet up with the Head of States vision of Emergence 2035 were addressed.


Worthy of note is that, the forum was not only for nationals but also involved foreigners. They were given the opportunity to invest in Cameroon.  Though some Douala based business men were not happy with this decision, their opinion did not count. Reasons were cited why foreign investors feel comfortable to invest in Cameroon.


–          The Social peace and Political stability that reign in Cameroon.

–          Abundant natural resources

–          Create employment for qualified youths in Cameroon just to name a few.


In this forum that comprised of both national and international investors, CDC did not only stand out in the presentation and display of their various crops like the Makossa Banana, Palm oil and Rubber but also gave witty explanations to the small holder scheme. Many people appreciated the CDC Palm oil. They bought all the stock that was taken to Yaoundé and demanded for more. Above all, CDC was given a certificate of participation.


It was indeed worthwhile for CDC to have taken part in a forum of this magnitude.

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