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Partnership Agreement between University of Buea and CDC

The official signing ceremony of the Research Partnership Agreement between the University of Buea and Cameroon Development Corporation held at the CDC Bota SS Club on Tuesday, 19th November, 2013. SS Club was chosen as venue for this event because agreements that have determined the fate of the corporation have all held here.


It should be recalled that on 26th October 2007, the University of Buea got into a partnership agreement with CDC. The goal then was to facilitate research for both institutions, enable UB Students to carry out internship and research for and in CDC, and establish a win-win relationship between the two establishments. Due to the benefits derived from the partnership by both parties, it was agreed after various working sessions to renew this Research Partnership Agreement.

P1B-UB-CDC Signing

The ceremony started with a word of prayer from the Director of Human Resources, Mr. Henry I. Becke who stole inspiration from the example of the Holy Trinity and prayed God to continue shining his light on the partnership to be renewed and to protect both establishments, as they both are key actors in the South West Region. The General Manager of CDC, Mr. Franklin Ngoni Njie in his speech was elated at the renewal of the partnership agreement, citing that CDC has sponsored research in leaf miner beetle in the Oil Palm sector, also CDC has hosted over a thousand UB students on internship and more than 200 research students. He further stated that more could be done to increase the number of students CDC receives as interns from UB.


He emphasized the need for synergy between CDC and UB, stating that with CDC’s activities there is need for research and innovation in moving the Corporation forward to play its role in Cameroon’s emergence by Horizon 2035. CDC is ready to provide the training platform for UB students and enable them be relevant to the job market. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Dr. Nalowa Lyonga in her response announced that UB is happy to have CDC as a partner, declaring CDC and UB as natural partners. She gave her regrets for the CDC accident of 12th October, 2013 and lauded the efforts the young and dynamic GM of CDC is putting in place.


She further highlighted that CDC was offering UB the opportunity to blend theory and practice, reiterating the pivotal role of continuous research and innovation. Still on the issue of research, she further stated that UB can propose solutions to CDC on its waste management. Both companies will tap the strength necessary to pioneer in waste management from each other. She declared that a recommendation is for the CDC Cottage Hospital to become a teaching hospital that will be better equipped to train the UB Medical Students.


These speeches then led to the official signing of the Research Partnership Agreement between UB and CDC, witnessed by the academia from UB and CDC Top Management. The ceremony was animated by the enchanting voices of the UB Choir that thrilled all present.

This Research Partnership Agreement indeed marks the dawn of a new era for both the University of Buea and the Cameroon Development Corporation.

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