5:13 pm - Tuesday April 19, 1803

Gm Meets Staff Representatives Of Group Banana

The General Manager met with Staff Representatives of the Banana Group at the Senior Staff Club, Tiko on 18th December 2018. This was within the spirit of the last Joint Industrial Council Meeting that held on the 29th November 2018. In attendance were also the Divisional Officer of Tiko Sub Division, Trade Union Leaders of the Fako Agricultural Workers’ Union (FAWU) and the Divisional Syndicate for Agricultural Workers (DISAWOFA).

All parties recognized that the Corporation is having severe financial difficulties as a result of the ongoing socio-political crisis. Workers wages have not been paid since June 2018 and the situation of the working population is desperate.  Plantations have been shut down because of insecurity and workers have not been going to work.  Consequently, there has been no production in the Banana Group since August 2018.  The plantations are continuously deteriorating and the eventual cost of rehabilitation is steadily on the increase.

The General Manager informed the workers about the efforts being made by Government to restore normalcy in the Corporation.  He however underlined the fact that while the Government was fulfilling its role, the workers have a significant part to play. There was consensus on the following points.


  1. It is the workers legitimate right to clamour for the payment of the Christmas Deposit. It should have been paid but for the financial difficulties. The General Manager promised to use his best endeavour to solve this problem.
  2. The Divisional Officer assured the workers that Government is taking special measures to guarantee the security of workers both in their plantations and camps. The workers should collaborate with the Security personnel for this to succeed.
  3. It is imperative that Workers should return to the plantations. To this end, the workers of the Banana sector should be ready for effective resumption of work in January 2019.
  4. The General Manager assured the workers that he shall continue to follow up with the Government for the payment of accrued salaries and wages that have been promised by the Government.
  5. The Staff Representatives will disseminate the information to the rest of the workers.
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