8:37 pm - Sunday February 5, 2023

Ripe Bananas on Sale

In order to ensure that more Cameroonians savour CDC products, the corporation has put in place a service which is aimed at selling the various grades of ripe bananas to everybody. makossa banana2

A new service has been created in the banana marketing unit of the Cameroon Development Corporation to guarantee the availability of ripe premium banana in the local market at friendly prices. In this regard, ripe bananas can henceforth be bought locally by hotels, malls, caterers, bakeries, kindergarten and boarding schools directly from the CDC.

You want to buy?

To buy ripe bananas (Makossa and/or Sawa) from the CDC, individuals, wholesalers, retailers, schools and corporate bodies can get in contact with the Banana Marketing Manager in Tiko. Alternatively, you may dial (237), (237) 242. 33.10.89 or send an email to: [email protected] Bananas are sold in crates (48 boxes make up a crate). A box of premium banana has about twenty two clusters and averagely weighs 18.5 kg. The price ranges from FCFA 3,000 – FCFA 5,000 depending on the brand. Ripe bananas for the local market are already sold in Eco-Marche (Douala).

It should be noted that more than 70 million people in Africa (rural and urban settings) depend on banana for food. Its exportation to the European market faces a wide variety of challenges. Bananas are globally one of the most commonly eaten fruits, not just in the tropics where they are usually cultivated, but worldwide. They represent a good way to bring ‘the tropics’ to Europe and North America.

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