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The entire workforce of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) have been urged to be committed, hardworking and to ensure a frank and loyal collaboration with the new CDC General Manager and to leave no stone unturned to ensure the success of the Corporation.  General Manager (GM) Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie was also charged to implement a strict Managerial policy geared towards increasing productivity.  This was the major task dished out on Saturday January 9 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development, His Excellency Lazare Essimi Menye.  The Agricultural Boss was speaking at the CDC Middle Farms Sports Complex as he officially installed Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie, appointed GM of CDC by Presidential degree No. 2012/631 of Wednesday 19, December 2012 following the death of the late GM, Henry Njalla Quan on December 13.   The Minister had earlier on welcomed the mammoth crowd that came for this landmark ceremony and to the magnificent and historic city of Limbe.  Minister Essimi Menye did not pretend, he told the crowd that he likes Limbe.  He expressed satisfaction with the crowd at the installation ground.  Minister Essimi Menye revealed that the Head of State, Paul Biya has full confidence in the person of Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie, reason why he was appointed to replace late Henry Njalla Quan as GM of CDC.


He seized this opportunity on behalf of the entire agricultural community to express their deepest sympathy.  He also hailed the late GM for his outstanding services to the CDC and the nation as a whole during his term of office.  The Minister reminded the crowd that appointing Franklin Ngoni Ikome from within the CDC workforce was an uncommon practice.  The Head of State through Essimi Menye congratulated all the CDC workers for their hard work and urged them not to relent.  The Minister referred to GM Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie as the Independent Generation.


Mr. FRANKLIN NGONI IKOME NJIE was born on April 4, 1964 in Bokwai – Buea and of Emmanuel Ikome Njie (Deceased) and Sophie Efeti Njie, Both of Bokwai – Buea.  He is married to Dr. Constance Enanga Njie née Lifongo and a Believing Christian.  He was appointed Deacon of Nazareth Baptist Church Tiko.


From September 1969 – June 1976, he attended Primary Education at CameroonBaptistConventionSchool, Great Soppo BUEA where he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate in 1976.  From September 1976 – June 1981, he went to Government Secondary SchoolVictoria and obtained the G.C.E. O’ Level Certificate in 1981.  He then proceeded to the Cameroon College of Arts, Science & Technology Bambili – Bamenda where he obtained the G.C.E. A’ Level Certificate in 1983.  He was then awarded a Cameroon Government Scholarship to study Civil Engineering in the Federal Republic of Germany the same year.  From October 1983 – March 1984, he studied the German Language course at the Carl Duisberg Centren in Cologne, Germany.   In fulfillment of the condition to study Civil Engineering, he worked as General Labour and Trainee Building Technician with Civil Engineering Companies in Saarbrucken, Germany in 1984.  From October 1984 – July 1985, he did a preparatory course at Studienkolleg Darmstadt, Germany and from October 1985 – December 1991, he studied Civil Engineering at Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany where he obtained a Master Degree in Civil Engineering.  In his quest for more knowledge, from April 1994 – December 1996, he studied and obtained an MBA from the Fachhochschule Bochum, Germany.


In his working experience, from March 1992 – March 1994, he was Engineer attached to the Infrastructure Department of Schafer Consult, a Civil Engineering Consulting Company, in Gross-Rohrheim, Germany.  From February 1995 – December 1996, he was Engineer attached to Planungsburo Figge in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany.  From December 1996 – August 1998, he was recruited as a Civil Engineer, CDC Technical Services Department.  August 1998 – March 2002, he rose to Civil Works Service Manager, CDC Technical Services Department.  March 2002 to 2012, he was Director, Technical Services, CDC.  On the 8th June 2012, he was designated as Acting General Manager, CDC and on December 19, he was appointed General Manager of CDC by the Head of State.


The Minister again seized this opportunity to congratulate Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie who was designated by the Board of Directors of CDC as Acting General Manager and the entire workers for the smooth handling of the transition of the Corporation.  The appointment of Franklin Ngoni as GM by the Head of State Paul Biya, is a clear evidence that he has distinguished himself through his continuous efforts over the past sixteen years.  He told the new GM to ensure the smooth running of the CDC placed under his command since it is a very strategic Corporation in Cameroon’s economy.  It is second job provider after the State.  It’s the leader of the Agro industrial sector in Cameroon.  Its main produce are Bananas, Rubber and Palm oil.  The Minister also highlighted some of the successes of the former and late GM focusing on his expansion policy that took CDC to Manyu and Donga Mantung and most recently the construction of a modern oil mill at Illoani.  CDC is also involved in the social milieu such as health, creation of rural road and houses built to accommodate its workers.


Minister Essimi reminded the new GM that at this time that he is taking the command, the Corporation is facing a number of problems ranging from productivity and competitiveness.  Therefore the major challenges of GM Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie will include a strict Managerial policy, increasing productivity and competitiveness especially in the Banana Sector, Palm oil and Rubber.  To work together with local administrative authorities and law enforcement authorities in ensuring the safety of the Corporation’s investment.  GM Franklin Njie was told to ensure that the Corporation is at the forefront of the agricultural revolution as required by the Head of the State.  He urged the new GM to shun the doors of corruption and tribalism.  Minister Menye told the workers of CDC that Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie has all the ingredients of a good GM, as such they should work with him so that success is guaranteed.  The Minister also pledged his total support to GM Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie.   The Minister then proceeded to fully install the new GM of CDC.  I quote “Mr. Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie I now declare you newly installed in your new functions as General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation”.


Before the installation speech of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, in his welcome speech, the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council – Andrew Mojimba Motanga congratulated the young dynamic engineer – Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie for his appointment as GM of CDC and focused on the fact that he is the right person at the right place. “Its with great honour and delight that I welcome you all to this historic ground on the occasion of another historic event, the installation ceremony of the fourth Cameroonian General Manager of the largest Agro-industrial Corporation – CDC says Andrew Mojimba Motanga.  He said this event is coming at the tail end of one of the most distressful moment of the Corporations’ sixty six years of existence; the passing to eternity of its General Manager, Henry Njalla Quan.  A minute of silence was observed in his honour and that of late John Niba Ngu, first ever Cameroonian General Manager. “Sadness and joy are often referred to as twin brothers always moving along the same part, today we are bound to completely evacuate the sadness of losing some one who worked so hard and gave his all to the CDC and joyfully embrace the coming of a young, fresh, dynamic and competent Civil Engineer in the person of Mr. Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie who has already made his marks and now has the hopes, aspiration and future of this agro industrial giant – CDC, averred Andrew Motanga Mojimba.  To him, this is what makes life amazing and interesting.  While welcoming Minister Essimi Menye and his entourage, he urged the Minister to stay longer and enjoy his stay in this metropolis called Limbe.  Since his appointment as Minister of Agriculture, his personal passion for agriculture and his undiluted engagement towards achieving tangible results are already leaving indelible marks on our agricultural landscape.  Pundits say as Minister of Finance, you had a soft spot for agriculture, reason why the Head of State had to make Mr. Essimi Menye Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.  True or false, all we say is that this was another wise decision from the Head of State.  That appointment was wise just like the appointment of Mr. Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie as GM of CDC.  The appointment was not only wise but very timely as it put to an end the wide spread speculations which almost reduce the moral of the entire workforce and the general public.


The Government Delegate pleaded with the Minister to say thank you to the Head of State for this appointment.  CDC is responsible for the cosmopolitan nature of Fako thus national integration.  When the CDC is in good health, Limbe, South-West Region and indeed the whole nations feels the positive impact and vice versa.  To this light, the Government Delegate saluted the past and current Management for their tremendous efforts and sacrifices put in the service of the CDC.  He said privatization is a government policy that no one can stand against; it only requires to be handled properly to avoid the tea situation.  The South-West populations have been living in recent times, we are therefore calling on Government to give the case of CDC a second and proper thought.  Andrew Motanga revealed that he is comfortable with the new Captain on board since he knows the house too well.  The new GM was at this juncture congratulated by the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council.  To him this appointment did not come by chance, it is a reward of years of hard work, dedication, competence and efficiency.  He urged Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie not to let us down particularly the Head of State.


The Government Delegate reminded the New GM that being a full flesh GM is a different ball game especially in a Corporation as large and complex as the CDC with a lot of conflicting interest; be above tribe and politics, just be a Competent Manager.  While nature has deprived you of two former GMs, at least one is still very much around, – Former Prime Minister and now Grand Chancellor of the National Order- the Right Hon. Sir, Peter Mafany Musonge whose fountain of wisdom and experience you can rely on.  History has it that the first two General Managers moved on to become Ministers respectively.  This is a call for GM Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie to do what is needed of him now.  “We need a viable, prosperous and a profit making CDC, where the workers working and living conditions will greatly increase”. says Andrew Motanga.  One of the biggest problems of the CDC is to transport its goods to Douala for shipment to abroad thereby incurring a huge cost.  If the natural Limbe deep sea port was developed, the cost will reduce drastically.  This has been the cry of the people of Limbe for so long.


Meantime, the Director of Communication at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Bienvenue Chedom read the degree No: 2012/631 of Wednesday 19 December 2012 appointing Mr. Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie as General Manager of CDC.  Also in attendance were the Governor of the South West Region, Secretary General in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Hon. Vice President of National Assembly, the Vice President of Chamber of Commerce, CDC Board Chair, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, the President of the South-West Court of Appeal, Traditional and Religious Leaders amongst others.


Congrats Mr. General Manager.

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